-- SBC
-- Panel PC
-- Bare Bone System
-- Chassis
-- Power Supply
-- Backplane

Half-size Wallmount Chassis with 4-slot Backplane, 180W ATX P/S
Provides PICMG1.3 Half-size Backplane

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One 3.5" FDD space at the front side, and COM, LED indicator, power switch at the back side of the RC-147 allows easy access to the user's software.
One 5cm and one 8cm ball bearing cooling fans provides ventilation into the chassis, is also available.

4-slot space for half-size mainboard
Provides 180W ATX power supply
1 x external 3.5" space, 1 x internal 3.5" space
5cm x 1 and 8cm x 1 ball bearing cooling fans
FCC/CE industrial Clashh A approval
4-slot half-size industrial chassis
Drive Space:
External: 3.5" space x 1
Internal: 3.5" space x 1
Thermal Solution:
5cm x 1 and 8cm x 1 ball bearing cooling fans
15,000 feet
Power Supply:
180W ATX power supply supports ATX 2.03
0~+50 degrees C (operating); 0~+70 degrees C (storage)
5~95%; non-condensing
Safety Standard:
FCC/CE on chassis and FCC/CE/UL/TUV on power supply
Dimensions (L x W x H):
24.85 x 12.23 x 25.7 cm
  RC-147W Chassis w/HPS-3S5 B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S
  RC-147W Chassis w/HPS-4S B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S
  RC-147W Chassis w/HPS-4S2 B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S
  RC-147W Chassis w/PE-4S B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S


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