-- SBC
-- Panel PC
-- Bare Bone System
-- Chassis
-- Power Supply
-- Backplane

Half-size Wallmount Chassis with 5-slot Backplane & 24V/48V 180W ATX P/S

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At the front side, the RC-150 provides one 3.5" FDD space, reset button, LED indicators, USB, and its back side provides COM, paralle connectors, and power switch.
One 5cm and one 8cm ball bearing cooling fans provide ventilation in the chassis from the front side.

5-slot space for half-size mainboard
Provides 24V/48V 180W ATX power supply
1 x external 3.5" space, 1 x internal 3.5" space
5cm x 1 and 8cm x 1 ball bearing cooling fans
FCC/CE industrial Clashh A approval
5-slot half-size industrial chassis
Drive Space:
External: 3.5" space x 1
Internal: 3.5" space x 1
Thermal Solution:
5cm x 1 and 8cm x 1 ball bearing cooling fans
15,000 feet
Power Supply:
24V or 48V 180W ATX power supply supports ATX2.03
0~+50 degrees C (operating); 0~+70 degrees C (storage)
5~95%; non-condensing
Safety Standard:
FCC/CE on chassis and FCC/CE/UL/TUV on power supply
Dimensions (L x W x H):
24.95 x 16.9 x 25.7 cm
  RC-150W Chassis w/HPS-5S2 B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S
RC-150BA-PS5S2 (by order)
  RC-150B Chassis w/HPS-5S2 B/P, FSP180-50PLA ATX P/S


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