-- SBC
-- Panel PC
-- Bare Bone System
-- Chassis
-- Power Supply
-- Backplane

Environmental Policy

Compliance to relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other regulations effecting the design and production of our products as they arise. Establishing and reviewing environmental objectives, targets, performance evaluation procedures and associated environmental indicators.

Minimizing any adverse environmental impacts of new product development through the use of integrated environmental management procedures and planning.

Communicating this policy to all employee-partners, business associates and interested parties in the public sector.

These guiding principles set our goals for environmental responsibility and the performance required by all our organizations, against which subsequent actions will be assessed. To ensure success, Ms. Yu-Yao Huang, Director of Quality and Service, has the executive responsibility and authority to oversee and implement this policy at all Boser owned facilities

Environmental Declaration
Environmental Friendly, Our first priority

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